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eiben V3 accessories share with you how to keep your truck warm in winter?

Release time:2022.12.28     News sources:Xingtai North Benz heavy duty Auto Parts Co., Ltd

The manufacturer of Beiben V3 accessories told us how to keep trucks warm in winter. The cold is a big test for our truck partners. There are often failures such as oil freezing, and I feel that the car doesn't drive as smoothly in winter as when it is warm.


Why should we emphasize the replacement of antifreeze in winter? It is mainly because of China's vast territory and abundant resources. In the cold season, there are still more than ten degrees in the south, and dozens of degrees below zero in the plateau and north. If the antifreeze is not properly selected, it may freeze inside the engine, which will lead to serious mechanical damage.


Now the antifreeze used in our cars is generally made of ethylene glycol as the main component, in addition to some preservatives, anti foam agents, antifreeze, anti scaling agents and cleaning agents. According to the different mixing ratios of ethylene glycol and water, the freezing point of antifreeze can be as low as minus 48 degrees, and the boiling point of antifreeze can be as high as 118 degrees.


This antifreeze with a wide range of liquid temperatures can prevent the freezing of low temperature water tanks and the boiling of high temperature engines. It has good antifreeze and heat dissipation performance and provides good protection for our engines. In addition to antifreezing and boiling prevention, antifreeze also has other functions such as anti-corrosion, anti scaling, rust prevention and cleaning, which can protect the water tank well.


Beiben V3 accessories tell you how to choose antifreeze?


1. Different colors of antifreeze cannot be mixed, antifreeze with different freezing points cannot be mixed, and antifreeze with different brands cannot be mixed. This is because antifreeze of different brands, colors, and freezing points, although their main component is ethylene glycol, their additives are different. If mixed, chemical reactions may occur, leading to the failure of antifreeze, resulting in serious consequences.


2. Replacement cycle of antifreeze. The antifreeze is an internal circulation process in the engine. It does not participate in the exchange of external materials, but only in the heat exchange. The antifreeze can normally be used for 3 to 4 years. If the annual driving distance is long, the replacement time can be appropriately reduced; The vehicle is not used for a long time, and the parking time is too long. It is recommended to replace the antifreeze before starting; A large amount of water was added to the antifreeze temporarily. After the water tank was repaired, the antifreeze should also be replaced in time.

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